Eyeballin' #1: Through the eyeballs of Meg Shamblen

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Our shop is little, but it's layered with interesting things. And what I love and value even more than gathering folk art, threadbare rugs, and plushy sofas, is connecting with the interesting people who find their way to our shop. Collecting different perspectives = enriched living. 

Introducing the "Eyeballin" series, where we introduce you to the shoppers of our shop, and get a glimpse of the shop through their eyeballs.

We ask one question:

And they respond with photos, or stories, or both. 

Eyeballer #1: Meg Shamblen

Meg is a digital retoucher with a creative production agency called TheLab in Columbus, OH. She is also an avid photographer and artist and her work can be viewed on Instagram @megsham. She can be found sketching portraits, working with artists with disabilities, roller skating around the office, or playing with any dog she can find.

Here is a curated collection of photos she took featuring some of her favorite items at the shop: